About us…

I’m Chris Pierssen√©, a professional musician of some twenty years standing. I’ve performed everywhere from tiny pub and club venues to massive festival arena stages, and everywhere in between. My interests lie in traditional, folk, world and contemporary music from across Europe and Asia, but I’m open to all sorts of musical explorations.

I’m based in Bradford on Avon, a small, sleepy, and historic town in west Wiltshire, UK. It’s probably worth pointing that out, before you contact me from overseas.

I repair and service musical instruments of many types, with especial consideration paid to free reed instruments; accordions, melodeons and vintage concertinas. I also love working on fretted instruments; guitars, mandolins, banjos and so forth.

Reed tuning, revalving, bellows repair, bass mechanism adjustment, spring replacement, key alignment, pad refurbishment.

Setups, truss rod adjustment, nut and saddle tweaking and replacement, pickup fitting, crack sealing, neck breaks.

Short notice and emergencies a possibility!

Repairs cost £40/hr plus parts.